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The Best Mavic Pro 2 Accessories

The Mavic Pro 2 is a favorite drone for many reasons: it's smaller than a Phantom, easy to use, it has a 1'' sensor and many obstacle avoidance sensors.

However, there are so many different accessories and options out there for the discerning Mavic owner - how do you know which ones are essential?

Here's my list of the best accessories you can invest in to really enhance your drone ownership experience.

Lens Filters

Filters are essential for any serious drone pilot seeking to capture the most in any weather or lighting condition.

Filters are simple and easy to install and change over, which makes it easy to adapt to ever-changing weather and lighting conditions during a flying day.

For example, you can capture a good amount of motion blur only when using ND filters.

A short explanation and a graphic that shows you when to use which ND filter can be found right here. I recommend buying these ND filters for your DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

Extra Batteries

This one is a no-brainer: more batteries mean more flight time!

Have at least one spare battery for your drone to make sure you can fit in all of the flying and filming you have planned for the day.

If you're planning to travel by air with your drone, remember you'll also need a battery safe bag to transport your batteries in. DJI make an ideal battery bag, with the small size ideal for two batteries, and the large size three. Buy your flight batteries here and if you are traveling by plane, check out the battery safe bag here!

Hub Charger

Charge several batteries at once to make sure you're as productive during your flying time as possible. A hub will charge multiple batteries so that you can constantly charge and switch your power supply for a full day of flight time.

A rapid charger is ideal as your batteries could be fully charged in as little as 60 minutes. However, make sure you check the weight of your batteries and hub together if you're planning to travel, as too many batteries could go over airline restrictions. Buy a multiple charger here or invest your money into a rapid charger here.

64GB Micro SD Card

The Mavic Pro comes with a 16GB storage card, which is enough to get you started but it won't hold much when it comes to your 4k films.

Invest in a 128GB Micro SD card (or several!) to make sure your aerial filming experience isn't disrupted by on-the-spot editing to create space on your storage. Buy a MicroSD card for drone flying here!

Hard Protector Case for the Mavic Pro 2

Protect your pride and joy from bumps and knocks during transportation with a hard case.

Available from DJI, this bespoke hard case is IP67 rated to protect against water and dust, and the padded interior will minimize shock damage to your drone. Buy a hard case for your drone here!

Extra Propellers

At some point in your drone flying journey, you're going to lose a propeller or two. It happens to the best of us, which is why it's important to be prepared.

Always carry a set of spare propellers so that you can repair your Mavic in the field, instead of having to cut your fun short and go home. This is particularly important for any career drone pilots, as the downtime caused by broken propellers could be costly to both you and your client.

Buy extra propellers for your drone here!

Propeller Guard

If you're flying your Mavic drone near people, indoors, or around any potential obstacles, a propeller bumper guard is a great way to protect your drone.

It's an inexpensive investment that's really easy to install, and could significantly improve your flight time as the bumpers will minimize the risk of broken propellers. Buy prop guards for your drone here!

Drone Landing Pad