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Buy your drones and accessories by clicking on my link below ("affiliate-link"). I will receive a small commission.

Don't worry, you won't pay an extra dime, but your small effort means a whole lot to me.

Because creating videos is super time-consuming, the gear expensive, and because I usually take you guys on journeys to fantastic places, producing my videos obviously is pretty pricey.


Support my work for free by buying your drones and accessories through my link:

Patreon is a great platform! It connects creators with their audience. Why is that important? Because the modern audience has high expectations and because more and more creators turn their passion into a profession.

But what does it take to stay independent? Can you tell the truth if being paid by the companies whose services or products you talk about? Well, it's challenging to say the least.

Help to keep my work independent by leaving a smaller or larger donation each month. That way, I can keep up the honest work that I do and produce more and more content.


If you want to learn how to create professional videos with your drone, you can enroll in my online course. Cool, huh?

It teaches you everything that you need to know about aerial cinematography and so much more. Summed up in roundabout five hours of video lessons. Also, you get printable cheat sheets and so much more.

But what's the coolest is that you support my work (as, obviously, it costs a fee to enroll).

Check out my highly rated course and become a pro!

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