New fancy drone accessories quickly find their way to my mailbox.

That's because many diligent sellers out there text me, for sure a dozen. Every single day. And they want nothing less than a dedicated video and a place on my gadgets list. But it's not that easy!

Most of the offers I decline right away. Often times because the items are cheap, not useful or the sellers ask for unrealistic prices.

From the accessories that finally reach me, I then hand-pick the best ones.

Because nothing is more annoying than these endless recommendations of low-quality, unnecessary accessories. You find endless lists on too many blogs, websites, and forums.

The drone accessories you find on my website are tested, they've gone through my quality control. They also are essential and every drone pilot should have them.

Don't buy twice. Buy the right drone accessories. Now.


More than five hours of high-quality video lessons. Quizzes. Printable cheat sheets and so much more. The course "Filming with Drones | Masterclass" is unique and will skyrocket your aerial filmmaking skills. You should enroll today!


This is something really cool. Together with a graphic designer I've created these amazing cheat sheets that help you shoot professional grade aerials with your drone. Print them, take them with you and get pro results. Bulletproof!


Use ND filters! I can't say it often enough.

Using ND filters will help you create a more cinematic look when shooting aerial videos and allow you to capture gorgeous effects when taking (aerial) photos.

P.S.: Never buy cheap ND filters.


The recommendation sounds silly. But I've tested plenty. And the small pieces of (mainly) plastic vary heavily. Never lose your data or get into issues with the cards writing (not reading) speed again with my recommendations.


Protect your drone from dust and dirt effectively. Buying a (take-off and) landing pad is a rather small investement that pays back in the long term easily. Use it especially in sandy surroundings. The drones motors will be grateful.


I love this accessory! Instead of having to set a timer and getting up at night several times, why not instead leting this smart and simple tool do the work for you?
Make sure to buy an original multiple charger to not damage your batteries.


Of course, it is also handy to charge empty drone batteries straight in the car. That's especially useful during road trips and travels in general. As always when it comes to batteries: please stick to the original accessories for safety reasons.

 360° CAMERA 

This is rather fancy. But so cool!
Install this tested 360° camera to your drone and record amazing aerials from a completely new angle. Also, looking at the drone in flight is a true adventure. This camera is affordable and durable.


Obviously, you can't just take the hot glue gun to install the 360° camera to your drone. Instead, you should check out a bracket that you can easily snap onto your drones shell and then screw on the camera. Simple, affordable, a good tool.

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Avoid crashes at night.

Simply install these strong flash strobe lights and your drone will be visible from miles away.

The lights can be attached to any drone.

Stay out of trouble always.


There is this specific angle when the sun is low when you expect things to look especially beautiful. I mean, sunrise and sunset are the best daytimes for aerials. But then flickers ruin the recordings. No more with this simple little helper.


The smart controller is my absolute favorite. It does the job and is reliable and its super bright display doesn't let you down. Even in the brightest surroundings, it lets you set things up comfortably. No more sun hoods, no more overheating.


If you cannot afford a super-bright display or there simply isn't one that fits your drone model, then good ole sun hoods can also help you in very bright surroundings. Simply attach them and the display is in the shadow always.


For users of a tablet that doesn't fit into the remote controls holder, an extension is necessary. But be careful: there are lot's of cheap ones out there that not only break but can drop your beloved tablet. Take a look at my recommendation.


Travel safely and don't get into trouble at the airport with these small lipo bags. In case a battery catches fire, the bag is supposed to not let things get out of control. I'm not sure how well they do the job, but they calm down the staffs nerves.


Investing in low-noise propellers usually pays back in way more relaxed flights. Bystanders hear the drone less and, therefore, are scared less (I can't believe all the nonsense that man media outlets published about drones).


Extend the range of your drone without using any crazy mods that hurt the warranty and often cause malfunctions. Simply attach the reflectors to the remote control and you will notice that your signal gets stronger. Easy.


Sometimes you need extra light. At night. Obviously. Or when flying inside dark caves. Or during some kind of inspection. Or for painting light to the sky and recording long exposure shots from the ground. There are plenty reasons.


Wear your hobby (or profession)!

Show the world that you drone and browse through dozens of amazing designs. Pick a shirt, sweater, or other product, select the size and color - and boom - you are a fashionista.


The ultimate protection for rough tours or long-term storage. Keep your investment save from water (to a certain level), dust and dirt. And, of course, keep it save from bumps. Hard cases are a bit clunky, but deliver the best protection.


Not every backpack is a drone backpack. Not even every drone backpack actually is a good idea. There are too many cheap ones on the market. That's why I tested and listed only the best ones below. They are worth their price.


It sounds simple - and it is.

A power bank belongs into every single drone backpack there is. Recharge your smartphone and accessories when they turn low with ease. A minimum capacity of 10.000mAh is recommended.


In the winter, you'll thank me if buy these neat photographers gloves. Nothing leads to more crashes and poorly looking recordings than when you're freezing like crazy. These gloves do a great job and I can only recommend them.


Save your files right after recording them. And without bringing a computer. To a rugged SSD. Simply use this great device made by Western Digital (hidden behind my smartphone that is hidden behind the delicious fries). Amazing device.


You can drop it, it can get wet (until a certain level) and its still super fast. This is my favorite mobile SSD there is. Simply plug it into your computer and profit from faster editing. Save, fast, not really cheap, but definitely worth it.


My personal favorite is Adobe Premiere Pro CC. What a beautiful piece of software. Get a monthly subscription and edit aerials like a pro and profit from this always-up-to-date program that is easier to use than you might think.

Many of the drone accessories on this site feature a link. You can click on it and purchase the item. For example, but not limited to, sellers like Amazon. Please note that I use affiliate links. This special sort of link guarantees me a small fee if you purchase one of the items I recommend through one of my links. That does not change my opinion on any of the times. Not using them is not an option too, because I put a lot of work into this website, into testing drones and accessories and I need to make sure the investment of mine pays back.

Every purchase through an affiliate link of mine supports my work, without you having to pay an extra cent. It's actually a nice business model and I'm very happy that it exists. That way I can keep my work up and the quality high.


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