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Creative Editing Tricks For Drone Videos

From vacation rentals to community celebrations, drone footage can enhance your videos unlike anything else. People love to watch drone videos.

They are often the most popular posts on websites or social media because they provide a unique perspective.

To create an exciting drone video people love to watch, you need to know how to edit drone video to tell a compelling story.

Here are five editing tricks for drone video that will make your audience say, "Wow!"

If you're looking for more editing tricks for drone videos, enroll in our online drone courses. We provide everything you need to know, from buying the right gear to editing the perfect video.

Photo taken in Iceland with DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone, Copyright by Tom David Frey

Use these Editing tricks for Drone Videos

Once you find the right drone for your needs and budget, the next step is learning the right way to edit the footage.

If this is your first time using a drone, you can try editing the video with the apps that come with it.

But for a professional-looking video, you need to look for editing software that offers more options and control over the footage.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a great all-around option for Mac and PC users (and I use it too).

Final Cut Pro X is still a popular option for Mac users.

DaVinci Resolve works with Mac, PC, and Linux and has a built-in color grading option that is popular with professional editors.

Once you've selected your editing software and imported the footage, it's time to start editing.

Set the Mood with Music

The right music can set the tone of your video from the very beginning. From playful and cheerful to dramatic and suspenseful, you can help viewers experience your footage in a new way when you add audio. You find my personal recommendation for audio tracks and sound FX for aerial videos right here.

Match the style of music with your footage and the intended audience. Explore sound effects to enhance your video with the sound of rustling leaves or rippling waves. Experiment with different combinations of music and effects until you have the right balance of audio to create the perfect ambiance.

Make the Grade with Color

Adjusting the color of your video, also known as color grading, can give your video a more dramatic look. The right color adjustments can make the difference between your video looking dull or looking vibrant. Color grading takes practice, but here are some tips on how to adjust colors in your video editing app.

Take a long Look

A drone gives you a fresh perspective on the world around you. But too often editors use jump cuts and fast transitions to create the sensation of action or drama. While there is a place for this style of editing, sometimes it’s better to hold a long shot to let the scene develop as people take it in.

For example, if you are editing footage of ocean waves rolling up on the shore, you can linger on that shot for a while. Let people experience the peaceful scene. If you want to give the scene more movement, consider cropping the shot tight in software, and slowly zooming out to the full frame.

Ocean waves from above, Aerial Drone Photo by Tom David Frey, captured with DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

Ramp it Up (or Down)

Drones are great for capturing “approach footage” such as flying over a field of flowers to reveal a beautiful lake. These are gorgeous shots to watch, but depending on how long it takes you to reach your final shot, the viewer may become bored waiting on the reveal.

Editing software has a “ramp feature” that allows you to speed up (or slow down) the movement of your footage. This effect allows you to reduce the amount of time it takes the viewer to see the final scene.

It can be a very theatrical effect, but use it judiciously. Make it the exception, not the rule.

Use Drone Footage for Transitions

If you usually capture video with a handheld camera, you can still use drone footage to make a traditional video more exciting. Consider editing drone footage as transitions between scenes or to establish a location in your video. Drones are also great for shooting timelapse video. Timelapse footage can be included to show the passing of time between scenes. Or even better: a motion lapse!

Impress your Audience

With these five editing tricks for drone video, you can create a professional-looking video that will impress any viewer. And remember, editing is a skill that is honed over time. The best way to make an edit drone video is to practice. 

If you're looking for more editing tricks for drone videos, enroll in our online drone courses. We provide everything you need to know, from buying the right gear to editing the perfect video.

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