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DJI Phantom 5 | The Coolest Possible Features

The new Phantom 5. Is it going to be like a Mavic 2.0 or even an Inspire 2 Plus? For some time past there have been various speculations about the new drone in social networks.

But I won’t make any speculations here – I would like to present my wish list with improvements and functions that would convince me of the upgrade. Because the new model will for sure not be cheap again.

Wish 1

Zoom. After DJI had significantly improved the camera of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, it is about time for a zoom function. Not only the shots would be more cineastic - after many years of GoPro-FishEye and DJI wide-angle lens that would be a big step towards evolution.


Wish 2

The Phantom 4 Pro already benefits from a 360° anti-collision system.

That might sound great, but in practice it seems to be a double-edged sword.

The sensors at the sides are a gimmick which only pay off while flying very slowly, while the cameras at the front and at the back side do a good job and strongly increase safety.

My conclusion: Instead of infrared sensors I would prefer a camera based system at the sides.


Wish 3

This change has been long overdue. DJI has to ensure that the propellers cannot be seen on the shots during a normal flight forward.

Focal distance, design of the propellers, the position of the motors and the camera.

I am sure that there must be a solution. And if DJI is not able to solve that problem with its next model, I will be really disappointed.


Wish 4

VR is the key word (or the short form). The DJI Mavic Pro had already promised us Virtual Reality, however, the announced glasses are not in sight yet.

DJI VR-glasses for newer models would be a real gain, especially, if we could not only use them as a simulator but also move the camera or the drone with them.


Wish 5

A protection against splashing water is not absolutely essential but it would be a great improvement, too.


Wish 6

Integrated ND filters would be a big gain for all ambitious drone cameramen (and camerawomen).

It would be a luxury to simply press one button to change the ND filter in the air instead of landing and having to change the lens with ones hands.


Wish 7

A wish that is a must, is the flying time. Here the motto applies: The longer the better.

But this unspecific wish should be followed by an idea: A battery dual system which not only prolongs the flying time but also offers a second battery in an emergency case, for example if the battery has a problem in the air (due to weather and especially in winter this often causes drone crashes).


Wish 8

So here is my final and general wish: If the new Phantom (or whatever its name might be) offered new possibilities for upgrading the equipment (such as different camera and light systems) that would be pretty cool and wouldn´t give you the kind of feeling that only after three months there is a new and better model.


The perfect drone has not been invented yet - and the new DJI drone is not going to achieve that aim (but isn´t the journey the destination?).

But if the new drone only provides some of my wishes, DJI will clearly stand out from the competition once again.

I won´t discuss whether this is good or bad for the market, but it would be a revolutionary drone for all pilots. In particular, when it comes to safety and more possibilities regarding the camera.

You can find my favorite drone HERE

(I think most of you would have expected that it is another model).


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