DJI Waypoints Mode explained

Learn more about the DJI Waypoints Mode in this easy-to-follow explanation.

Learn how to activate and use the DJI Waypoints Mode effectively.

Waypoints Mode is available with most DJI drones.

The Waypoints function of DJI is available for almost all newer drones. 

But what are Waypoints and why should you use them?

You can define an exact flying route on a map, by using Waypoints here and there, and then you

determine the altitude and the speed you would like the drone to have.

Due to safety reasons it is not possible to use a map, where you can determine the route using your fingers.

You can only retrace a route, that means you have to fly the route on your own by using

Waypoints on the most concise points.

Having determined the Waypoints once, the drone can automatically fly the route on its own.

Again and again.

But don´t forget: Waypoints can only be used for a radius of 500m, and you can have a

maximum of 99 Waypoints for one flight, while they must have a minimal distance of

5m and a maximal distance of 500m.

The total distance may not be longer than 5km.

During a Waypoint flight it is possible to take control of the camera and the drone

(Yaw) (change the Heading to “Free”).

The drone flies automatically the route and we can make it rotate around its own axis,

while we control the gimbal and we can make spectacular pictures.

You can save the routes and fly them again later. 

This is ideal for natural phenomena, for filming areas and observing their developments.

THIS DRONE made by DJI can fly routes completely autonomously by determining the route on a screen

with the finger – and you don´t have to fly the route before. Find all details regarding this drone HERE.


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