DJI TapFly Mode explained

Learn more about the DJI TapFly Mode in this easy-to-follow explanation.

Learn how to activate and use the DJI TapFly Mode effectively.

TapFly Mode is available with most new DJI drones.

If you use the TapFly Mode while flying, you might soon get disappointed. 

Actually, there is not much to see – however, TapFly is often useful.

Because if you find out what you can do with this mode, you won´t want to miss it.

In the TapFly Mode of DJI drones the pilot only needs to tip on the screen (or the smartphone),

adjust the speed and press “Go!”.

The drone will directly fly towards the aim. 

For example a house or just towards the horizon.

The anticollision sensors are usually activated and protect the drone.

But why should you use the TapFly Mode of DJI?

For example, if you want to make timelapses.

Choose a low speed (it is really sufficient, if the drone flies forward slowly) and make a

long video or take many pictures during the flight.

Don´t worry, if you use low speed, the drone won´t speed away, it makes a beautiful timelapse video.

THIS DRONE of DJI offers various flying modes which you can discover. Incredibly powerful.

But also THIS CHEAPER DRONE is an all-rounder regarding the flying modes.


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