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10 Killer Gadgets for your DJI Mavic Pro

Your Mavic Pro can do more than you might think!

We have tested numerous gadgets. Some were acceptable, some were sent back but only the best made it to our top 10 list.

These are the gadgets every DJI Mavic Pro pilot should have!

You don´t want to read the article? Watch the video HERE (will be online ASAP).

DJI Mavic Pro Multiple Battery Charger Let´s start with a simple accessory as you won´t get far with a single battery. And charging them is really annoying, in particular, if you have to charge each of them or if they need to be charged at night. Who likes to get up three or four times at night only for charging the batteries? The Mavic charging station is small, affordable, and it does what it is intended to do: It automatically charges up to 4 batteries, one after the other.

Getting up at night for charging batteries is so 2016.

Number two on the list of best accessories is the original Sunhood made by DJI, which is mounted directly to the remote controller to prevent glare and lens flare. It is a smart, favourable must-have for everyone who not only wants to fly at night.

The third accessory for the DJI Mavic Pro is essential for everyone who thinks that the screen of a mobile phone is too small. Because if you want to use an iPad Mini 4 or another tablet, you will soon realise that the holders are too small for tablets. This time it is not a gadget made by DJI but one of a third-party provider which made it to my list. Attaching it only takes a minute and the iPad has a perfect hold.

Safe transport is another matter that has to be ensured. A small and very favourable gadget of a 3D printer is the ideal solution. It can be simply attached to the sticks and reduces any risks caused by transport.

"There are tons of accessories available for the Mavic Pro, but its important to know that not all of them deliver what they promise. I was disappointed quite often."

DJI Mavic Pro Range Extender

Last but not least another gadget for the remote controller: The Windsurfer range extenders are great. They are not only small and portable, they also significantly increase the range of the DJI Mavic Pro.

But not only the range is increased (in most countries it is prohibited to fly beyond the visual range). The transfer of images and data is much better and there are fewer technical disturbances.

Talking about mobile phones and tablets, this little gadget must be mentioned. A powerbank can save complete days of shooting. To prevent the powerbank from discharging itself or losing the charge after half of the time, I recommend this model with 20,000mAh power. With this gadget it is possible to charge your mobile phone or your tablet several times. Just put it into your car or your backpack and you will never again have to worry about low battery.


ND filters are a must-have for videography with drones, but they are also essential when it comes to photography.

These filters work like sunglasses: They reduce the incoming light. So the shutter speed is slowed down, resulting in a natural looking Motion Blur. The rule is: Framerate x 2. For 24 pictures per second I would choose 50 on my DJI Mavic Pro since 48 is not available. We can only use this rule by daylight when using ND filters.

"If you want to find out more about the best camera settings for the DJI Mavic Pro, feel free to check out my instructional video here."


If you have ever started your DJI Mavic Pro outside, you might have noticed that Gimbal Errors occur easily when the camera only slightly touches the grass while getting the drone in the air or while landing. The risk of breaking something increases and due to the error messages it is often not possible to get in the air. But there are two solutions: The first is a landing pad, a foldable landing place which is put on the ground – or you use a landing gear which I can really recommend.

After shooting there comes the editing. So data security is the top priority during transport. I have been working in the film business for years and I know how it feels to lose data. But that can easily be avoided. You should use a fast MicroSD card made by a company known for quality and store the data on a hard disk with sufficient capacity and speed, such as the USB 3.0, it should also be shock-protected and splashproof according to the standard of the US military.


Last but not least this gadget is ideal for pilots who like to fly above water: The new DJI Care insurance can replace your Mavic Pro if it falls into the water. But: In most cases, the Mavic does not come back to the surface again which makes it almost impossible to send the device to the manufacturer. My tip: Simply attach this little gadget to the bottom or to the landing gear and if your Mavic should fall into the water, a little piece which is connected to your Mavic pops up above the surface of the water - so you can easily pull your drone out of the water.

My conclusion: These ten gadgets are really essential.

Find more gadgets – not only for the DJI Mavic Pro – right here.


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