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DJI Tripod Mode explained

Learn more about the DJI Tripod Mode in this easy-to-follow explanation.

Learn how to activate and use the DJI Tripod Mode effectively.

Tripod Mode is installed to most new DJI drones.

The Tripod Mode is an intelligent flying mode, which actually works like the normal flying mode “P”.

All sensors are used as usual and the drone reacts normally if you change the settings.

However, the speed of the DJI drones is significantly reduced in the Tripod Mode.

Let´s take, for example, the DJI Mavic Pro –this drone usually has a speed of 36 km/h, but in the

Tripod Mode it only flies 3.6 km/h.

This is about one tenth of the maximum speed in the normal mode.

Also the braking distance of the drone is significantly reduced: if you want the drone to stop, you will only need about one metre – this is great when it comes to the topic of safety. 

You should use the Tripod Mode if you fly close to the ground or in rooms.

If you want to learn how to fly in rooms, watch my video here.

THIS DRONE is the safest on the market and almost avoids any collisions or crashes.

DJI Beginner Mode Setup
DJI Beginner Mode Setup
DJI Beginner Mode Setup
DJI Beginner Mode Setup
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