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How to Print Your Aerials on Wood!

Wood prints rock! Especially, when you use your aerials and not some average photos.

You can pimp the look of your desk, when adding a wood print for sure.

And you don't have to pay the crazy prices many companies want you to pay.

Let us show you how to easily print your aerials on to pretty much any wooden surface!

Okay, let's get this started.

At first, make sure to have the following items available - if you're missing one or more of them, click on the link and it will take you to Amazon, where you can quickly purchase it.

You need:

2) a printed photograph (make sure it's a laser print)

3) a scissor

4) a brush

5) so-called photo podge

6) an old credit card

8) a small bowl with water


Step 1

If your photo contains graphics or letters, make sure to mirror it on the computer. Almost every software can do it nowadays.

Next, print the photo using a laser printer (not ink!).

If you don't want to buy one yourself, just stop by a copy shop and they'll do it for you within a minute and at a low cost.


Step 2

Take the scissor and cut out your photo.

Take a brush and carefully apply photo podge to both the wood and the print side of the photo.

Next, put the photo, the colourful side facing down, onto the wood.

Take an old credit card and remove any bubbles.


Step 3

Take a normal hairdryer and dry the photo podge - it takes approximately ten minutes.

Meanwhile, to fight your boredom, check this out.

Once you are done, give the wood-paper-combination some time to cool down.


Step 4

Take the small bowl and add some water to the paper - slowly start to rub it off.

Be careful though - if you're not paying attention, you might cause scratches to appear.

Once you are finished, let the wood dry.


Step 5

Don't be scared if your wood print looks very "paperish" again.

With a brush apply clear coat to the print - and after letting it dry for about half an hour, your wood print is ready and you are done!


Here's a video of mine that shows you the process step by step:

Now go ahead and create some really unique wood prints.

Share them with me: I'm looking forward to see what you created!


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