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Filming with Drones | Masterclass is online!

Learn how to create professional aerials with your drone. Finally, my course is online. You can sign up and skyrocket your aerial filmmaking skills.

I'm so excited that it is happening!

I prepared more than five hours of great content for you, explaining and discussing all essential aspects of filmmaking with drones. More than 40 videos are waiting for you.

Next to the actual lessons, the course includes printable cheat sheets that you can put into your drones backpack or case never to forget what's essential in the field. Carry them with you as long as it takes for you to memorize them thoroughly.

And of course, plenty of knowledge quizzes complete the course experience.

Producing the course took me slightly longer than a year.

I filmed it in four countries, and I made a great effort to make the topics understandable for each and everyone out there.

The course is mainly designed for beginners and advanced pilots as well as ambitious filmmakers.

If you're a master with drones and filmmaking already, you can surely learn a few useful new things, but the course might include topics that you are already familiar with.

For now, let's skip the talking.

Instead, I invite you to check out the course, enroll today, and become a professional aerial filmmaker!

Oh, by the way, a quick word of mine on the somewhat confusing way that I published the course:

it was honestly complicated. When I first posted it, plenty of messages reached me, asking me to lower the price or make it available for free on YouTube.

So I did. I decided to take the course site offline and instead launch the videos on YouTube. One after another.

But when I told people about it, I again received plenty of messages from folks who wanted me actually to publish a paid version of the course, so that they wouldn't have to wait and could enjoy the content sorted, ads-free and in a less distracting surrounding.

What to do?

Well, I kind of like chose the path in the middle.

I uploaded the course to a site that is specialized in courses and cut the price down to less than half of the initial price. That way, each and everyone out there who can afford a drone could enroll in the course and up their skills.

At the same time, I decided to publish up to 20% of the course material for free on YouTube over the upcoming months.

I hope that now everyone is happy, and everyone can profit highly from the fantastic content that I've prepared for you diligently. Feel free to enroll here!

All the very best from summery Germany,


Tom David Frey


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