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Essential Ways Drones Are Being Used To Help The Environment

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The commercial drone industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Because of their versatility, drones have come with a myriad of uses.

If 10 years ago, someone told us that we would have thousands of drones flying all over the world in 2019, it would be hardly believable.

But look where we are now!

Drones are used across a couple of industries for uses such as photography, security, mapping and surveying, transport and delivery among many others.

It is for this wide variety of uses that drones have become as popular as we see them today.

An essential part of our daily lives that has seen the impact of drones is the environment.

Because our environment has endured so much destruction in recent years, effects such as climate change are now very apparent.

Drones have provided much-needed reprieve however small an impact compared to the damage already done.

Here are a few essential ways drones are being used to help the environment.

Aerial Mapping

Traditionally, aerial mapping and monitoring were left to the more costly option of satellites and aircraft use.

A drone has the ability to overfly an area at very low altitude, without producing exhaust emissions.

Since drones are electric, they help to conserve the environment by eliminating the burning of fuel.

Drones come with a distinct edge over traditional methods of mapping as they are not restricted by cloud cover, are easier and much cheaper to operate, and do not involve a lot of manpower.

An example of how drones are being used to help the environment is in N’Djamena Chad. Here, drones are used to monitor water reserves essential for the city.

Environmental Disaster Relief

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been used globally to aid in disaster management.

They help to asses, prevent and take on environmental disasters.

Drones will be used to scan the affected areas, asses the impact for better recommendations from the ones in charge.

An example of this is when they are used in dealing with forest fires in California.

Operators first use them to assess the damage or potential damage, then use them to dispense firefighting equipment.

Wildlife Conservation

Another way drones are being used to help the environment is by wildlife conservationists.

They use drones to monitor specific animal types and survey their surrounding areas in order to protect them.

Previously, monitoring large tracts of land such as game reserves was both costly and complicated.

In Australia, drones are used to monitor Orangutans and Chimpanzees.

In the Amazon, authorities use drones to spot and track, illegal loggers.