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7 Reasons Drone Racing Is the Sport of the Future and the Present

The popularity of drone racing has skyrocketed since its 2013 start in Australia. With races now happening all over the world, and drone technology accelerating at a rapid pace it is easy to see why it has become a top pandemic sport! Along with its popularity, the spectacle has also grown in scale.

These drone races already look like something out of Ready Player One or Star Wars. It's not hard to look ahead and see drone racing being as big as or bigger than NASCAR. With that in mind, let's take a look at 7 reasons drone racing is the sport of the future and the present.

Drone Racing

1. Anyone Can Do It

With drone technology still moving forward, the drones themselves will get cheaper. The best part is that you can start small, with cheap drones, and work your way up. With a little determination, you'll be racing in no time.

2. Drones Are the Future

Drones are doing a variety of jobs and are in the news almost daily. From firefighters to urban explorers, drone technology is becoming a necessity. They are only going to go up in use over the next five years.

3. Drone Races Are a Sci-Fi Spectacle

A drone racing league decks out its racing drones in colored LEDs and dims the lights over a strategically lit obstacle course where racing drones streak by the cameras. These races look like all-out space dogfights as they run the courses.

In ten years, they may be racing in low orbit! Whatever the future holds, we will certainly be seeing tons of amazing innovations to the sport as time goes on.

4. Need for Speed

The top speed for today's racing drones hits over 100mph. That may not match NASCAR, but give it a couple of years. Drone racing leagues are pushing the envelope on speed and maneuverability all the time.

5. See the World

There are drone racing leagues all over the world. These races are generating more publicity every year! Remember to follow safety rules when you take your drones to the races!

6. Earn Six Figures a Championship

Who says you can't make money doing what you love? Jordan Temkin, known as JET on the circuit, makes a six-figure salary per year racing. Temkin and his three roommates are a force to be reckoned with at race time.

7. Drone Video Star

The Drone Racing League has wide video distribution. From NBC Sports to FOX Sports Asia, with broadcast partners like ESPN and Disney XD, drone racing is already big business. With new partnerships on the horizon, drone racing is only going to get bigger.

Drone Racing Forever

Drone racing is set to outpace other sports with drones in the coming years. And with the state of the world, drone racing became one of the biggest pandemic sports. Whatever our future holds, drone races will be a big part of it.

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