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CES Las Vegas: DJI unveils three new products

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

As every year, the audience at CES in Las Vegas had no reason to be disappointed.

New gadgets and devices everywhere. Some more, some less useful.

Famous drone manufacturer DJI announced three new products.

Please note that DJI has not yet released most of the tech specs of the new products.


When it comes to gimbal stabilizers for ground cameras, every filmmaker knows the DJI Ronin series.

The reliable and high-quality stabilizers took part in many big film productions already, and even smaller budget filmmakers use it frequently.

But still: to most users, the Ronin gimbals were too clunky and therefore uncomfortable to handle.

DJI now presented the all-new DJI Ronin S, that was specially designed to work with smaller cameras, like DSLRs or mirrorless cameras.

Most details have not been published yet, but from insiders we know that DJI not only tried to completely change the design, making it smaller and more comfortable to carry, but the new DJI Ronin S is supposed to leave the competition behind with many new intelligent usage features.


Not only can you stabilize bigger cameras, but DJI also builds solutions for smartphones.

No more shaky records with your smartphone's camera. You will be amazed, how professional the footage can look like when only being stable. Even though it was taken with a normal phone.

The first series, the DJI Osmo Mobile showed many bugs and weaknesses. DJI promised to get rid of those, not only adding new features but making the whole system more reliable and easier to use.


As DJI is specialized in high-end consumer and even professional drones, it was a surprise to hear that their newest drone model is a toy drone.

It shows the manufacturers intention of taking over the market for miniature and cheap drones.

The new DJI Tello drone weighs 80 grams and will cost 99$ only (find the current pricing here).

The drone was designed for safe indoor and even smaller flight cruises through the garden. Its 100m 720p HD transmission system is hugely gratifying in this price range.

The Tello drone has DJIs reliable VPS sensors installed that will make the drone hover in the air safely. No more crashing, no more flying like the drone was drunk.

If you want to make your kids happy or enjoy one of the smaller games you can play with Tello yourself, you might think of purchasing one or two units.

The built-in technology and features the DJI Tello drone offers will be more advanced than the competitors, as DJI is famous for super easy to fly and safe drones.

No more crashing and not enjoying the flight, only because the drone is cheap. Tello is the first of a new generation of toy drones.


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