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Revealed: That is how the new DJI drone looks like!

Revealed: That is how the new DJI drone looks like!

Finally there is certainty: The first pictures of the new drone made by DJI have been leaked.

And we also know its name: DJI Spark.

The source that published the pictures seems to be reliable because also in the past it had

“announced” new DJI drones.

Of course we could also assume that the source leaks the pictures itself to attract attention while

arousing curiosity among the community and attracting new customers.

That would be a clever PR coup, wouldn´t it?

But we have more questions:

Isn´t it going to be a Phantom 4 Standard, an Advanced or even a Phantom 5 – as we have


Some documents and pictures have revealed that the new drone is a racing copter or a special

drone made for selfies – so has DJI again found a new gap in the market?

One thing is sure: The new DJI Spark is small. Very small.

According to the leaked pictures the new racing copter (or the selfie drone) is only about 14cm x 17cm.

The battery is at the bottom of the DJI Spark and if you take a closer look, you will see four golden

squares which might indicate that the battery cannot only be loaded via charging cable but also

wireless just like some smartphones.

The propellers look similar to the ones of the DJI Mavic Pro – they again seem to be the so-

called foldable Quick-Relase-Propellers.

To ensure safe transmission of live pictures and control the drone will transmit on two

frequencies: On 2,4 GHz and in case of interferences also on the less busy frequency 5,8 GHz.

Unfortunately the DJI Spark does not seem to have an anti-collision system so it won´t be an upgrade of the DJI Mavic Pro but more a selfie drone (or a racing drone) in the lower price range.

However, the camera predicts a new era:

Due to its enormous breadth we can assume that DJI will also take over the VR („Virtual Reality)

market. But that is still unconfirmed speculation.

A dual camera system of such a small drone will probably not offer high quality 3D pictures but we can look forward to video goggles with a real cockpit feeling.

It remains to be seen whether the new drone is a racing copter or really a selfie drone.The body of the DJI Spark is not really aerodynamic – so this could indicate that it is a new



with VR.

But we all know: DJI is always good for a surprise – in particular if you don’t expect it.


(The link will be activated as soon as we get information – just click and try!)

Update 1:

The DJI Spark might have infrared Obstacle Avoidance sensors.

Drone pilots should know that infrared sensors work less precise than cameras, as the range is limited to usually less than ten meters (as seen on the DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, et cetera).

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