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He flies his Drone like Superman

I'm a Storyteller. I tell stories with pictures. Most of the time, since this is my livelihood, such pictures are actually arranged in a sequential art drawing form. Yes, you guessed it. I'm a Cartoonist. I Draw Comic Books, Book Covers and a number of different illustrations that goes along this Graphic Art career of mine.

But, in my spare time, I fly DJI Drones for fun, because they too tell stories with pictures, and also movies, which I can add a nice music to it as if I'm a director of this new story I'm telling, in full Colored and Ultra Resolution Aerial visuals.


Sergio Cariello has been illustrating comics since 1992. At DC he worked on Superman, Wonder woman, Batman, Green Arrow, Azrael and others. Also drew for Marvel on iconic characters such as Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Hulk, Avengers and Conan. Taught several courses at

the Joe Kubert School over 7 years. Penciled and inked Eisner nominated The Lone Ranger series, also Awarded Best Western Comic Book of the Year by True West Magazine's Best of the West 2009 Source Book. Recently worked from Larry Hama's script of GI Joe for IDW and collaborated with Lee Week's Daredevil "Dark Nights" for Marvel He's also illustrated "Son of Samson Manga series for Zondervan Publishers and the Award winner, Best Selling juvenile book" Action Bible" for David C. Cook. illustrator of "The Christ" series for Kingstone Media, Biblical Curriculum for Calvary Churches, Nazarene Publishers , among other gigs here and there.


Over the years , I've drawn Superman and various similar Superheroes with the power to fly. One term and method we Artists use in sequential stories is the Birdseye view, as opposed to the worms eye view. Different views of showing the subjects within a story will engage the beholder/reader in all sorts of different emotions, thus grabbing their interest in what is going on in the "pictures". Sometimes we want to convey fear, bringing the viewer in a position of threat. For instance, the best way to introduce a Giant or a beast charging is placing the camera in a lower point of view. To achieve a sense of freedom, safety and awe, we might want to use a Panoramic view, often times way up in a Bird's POV.

Speed, motion, light, etc, all contribute to tell the story we want. Like my drawing pad and pen, DJI Drones can also achieve similar thrills and felt experiences by way of remotely control a Flying camera to go where we want, in different speeds, heights, and distances.

"Like my drawing pad and pen, DJI Drones can

also achieve similar thrills"

When I First saw a Phantom 1 in action, I was mesmerized by it. This guy , in a particular event with his family, had this drone that could take pictures and movies way up in the air, quite effectively. I soon watched many examples of what it could do in the internet and I fell in love with it and its possibilities.

Although my DJI Phantom 1 was not as stable as my Phantom 4 Pro+, I had such fun flying that shaky "Bird" for 8 minutes, without knowing what the Gopro camera was recording (no FPV), not did I have any controls on tilting the camera yet (that came with the Phantom 2 models).

Connection was also very limited.

Each new Model added more technology and more fun to the craft.

So, why do I love my Phantom 4 Pro+? The Camera is amazing. Wide range of dynamics, resolution and raw capabilities. Smoother videos, due to the increase in frames per second, and the amazing stabilizing camera gimbal. Better capture in low light conditions and other great adjustable features all at your fingertips within DJI GO App. The ready to go, extreme bright tablet attached to its controller (no phones or cables needed any longer), with OSD (On Screen Display) giving us all the needed coordinates during our close to 30 minutes of flight (speed, height, distance, battery level, GPS info, HD connectivity, etc), plus our ability to share what we see to the world in more than one live streaming option, are enough reasons to love it.

The Sports mode provide a fast way to get to the spot we want, and, once there, we can activate the obstacle avoidance as we shoot video without worrying if we'll crash / hit something along the way. We can also chose to use various SD cards for our "mission" or simply use one with 128GB of storage if necessary.

"The ready to go, extreme bright tablet attached to its controller (...) plus our ability to share what we see to the world in more than one live- streaming option, are enough reasons to love it."

I love doing all that in Superman's point of view, telling my story with pictures, color pictures, well defined focused images from this little drone. Yes, I'm a storyteller, and I love my Phantom 4 Pro+.

Don't miss the chance and take a look at Sergios (gorgeous) work right here: Fly the same drone Sergio uses, click here to check it out.


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