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How I became a DJI Fanboy

In summer 2016 I got two very exciting drones: Phantom 4 made by DJI and Typhoon H made by Yuneec. Yuneec had been advertising in a very aggressive way for its new drone and also attacked the market leader DJI, while even the popular magazine Chip, a german tech-magazin, wrote that "This drone has what it takes to become the DJI killer".

But were these slogans only a part of a sensational PR strategy – or is the brand-new and still unknown Yuneec Typhoon H really a technical marvel made in China (or at least an actual competitor)? "If Chip chose such a slogan, it might be true", I thought and so I decided to test both drones while carrying out a detailed comparison. But it was not as easy as I had thought.

After having tested both drones it took me more than 21 days to compare them and that was a new record – never before had I worked longer on one single YouTube video.

And even if people don't do that on YouTube – I analysed both drones rigorously and without reservation: fair and square.

Why YouTubers usually don´t do that?

That´s easy to answer: They don´t have professional ethics such as journalists do - or a kind of codes, they don´t have to explain themselves, they want to entertain and simply try to receive as many clicks as possible while not making themselves unpopular with any manufacturers, because they don´t want to put anybody off or insult them.

But I think that this is wrong.

I am honest and even if I criticise a manufacturer this is not the end of the world.

Because this says nothing about the other products or following devices.

Maybe they are much better.

I don´t protect anyone and I don´t prefer anyone, I don´t bash and I don´t whitewash.

Moreover, I don´t evaluate emotional matters such as the design of a product, since this is about personal taste and not about quality, functionality or safety.

"I don´t protect anyone and I don´t prefer anyone,

I don´t bash and I don´t whitewash."

Some time later my video was finished and I uploaded it.

Suddenly I received more and more comments – never before one of my videos had such a strongly polarizing effect.

That was unusual but not unpleasant.

Likes and Dislikes increased while actually, the majority was very satisfied with the video. Some users said the video was too long, others claimed to have made better experiences with the Yuneec Typhoon H (at the end of the video, to me, the DJI Phantom 4 was the clear winner).

But I did not expect what happened next:

I received hate mails – via comments, Facebook and email.

They claimed someone had bought me, my reports were prejudiced (terms such as "lying press" and "fake news" did not exist at that time), the friendliest users of them called me DJI Fanboy and claimed that I had been the head of a campaign posting numerous negative comments below Yuneec-friendly reports and videos. Very interesting.

Of course, those messages were mean and not friendly (however, I intended it as a compliment that people took me seriously and believed that I was so powerful), but that is not the crucial point.

Being a YouTuber also means being used to certain things. Insults and accusations are unfortunately part of our daily life.

But I was really surprised about the loyalty of some users towards Yuneec, a Chinese company which is neither popular nor has ever produced considerable positive or negative news (apart from the crash of a little plane in which a German test pilot died).

I don´t know how people can be that loyal to a company.

I mean: I place great confidence in Apple products. But not because it is a status symbol, the reason is, that I had been using Microsoft computers for years and when I switched to Mac, I found significant advantages when making films. But I would never claim that every product made by apple is perfect or better than other devices.

In my videos, I often wear Hollister T-shirts.

I really have to admit that I prefer these t-shirts to others but I cannot say why.

So – am I a Hollister Fanboy? Who knows.

But now I would like to come back to the drones: Am I a Fanboy because, as a filmmaker, I clearly rely on the best camera system with a good drone which is easy to use and because I am not especially keen on mounting?

Or because the underdog is not always better than the monopoly although we subconsciously desire it? Maybe.

"Am I a Fanboy because, as a filmmaker, I clearly rely on the best camera system with a good drone which is easy to use and because I am not especially keen on mounting?"

Let´s assume that I am an Apple-DJI-Fanboy. To me, that does not have a negative connotation since I would switch instantly to other manufacturers if they had better or competitive products.

And I am sure that this happens from time to time.

But at the moment DJI is the clear winner regarding quality, safety and aerial cameras.

No other company could come close to the DJI Mavic Pro or the DJI Phantom 4 Pro or the DJI Inspire 2.

Actually, that is a pity since competition is good for the market and affects inventions and the price in a positive way.

But I won´t change my mind: When I compare technical devices I am going to be honest.

I really don´t care which manufacturer has made a product as long as there aren´t any scandals which would make buying the product impossible, for example, due to political reasons.

Therefore, all drones are welcome.

No manufacturer gives me money or sends me a script.

If you don´t believe it, call me whatever you want to. But you´d better leave it since it actually is a waste of time.

Buy a DJI Phantom 4 by clicking here!

Buy a Yuneec Typhoon H by clicking here! Buy this great alternative drone by clicking here!

You can watch the aforementioned video here:


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