DJI Osmo Must-Have Accessories

Hand-selected accessories and gadgets for the DJI Osmo Series.

For hobbyists, filmmakers, professionals and everyone else!

DJI Osmo+

The first Osmo with an integrated, easy-to-use zoom. Next to that, it offers new modes as the "Motion Time-lapse".

DJI Osmo Mobile

Use your smartphones camera and create stable, cinematic films.

Check out the cheapest Osmo.

DJI Osmo Pro Combo

The most powerful Osmo of all times.

Use the X5 camera, real lenses and shoot film like a Pro. My favorite setup.

DJI Z-Axis for X3

Smoothen your steps and stabilize the only axis the Osmos camera can't stabilize itself. And yes, it works.

DJI Z-Axis for X5

Oh, how much I would have needed this on my last shooting with the Osmo and the X5. I will order mine now.

Battery Charging Hub

A small but really helpful tool.
Never suffer from empty batteries again.

You can charge up to four batteries.

Car Suction Cup Mount 

Do you love your car as much as I love mine? This little gadget let's you record your drives safely. I tested it myself.

Rode VideoMicrophone

Did you know that my studio mic (that I use for my videos) is made by Rode? I really like the mics they produce.

Osmo Sticky Mount

DJI goes GoPro. Or something like that. I must say that I didn't test them yet, but maybe I will in the future.

SanDisk 32GB MicroSD

The safest and fastest MicroSD card from famous SanDisk should be your number one choice to ensure great aerials.

LiPo Bag

A cheap tool that can prevent a lot of trouble. Want to transport your DJI Osmo on a plane? This is the solution.

Softshell Case

Take a look at this soft-shell case for your DJI Osmo. I think it looks a lot better than the original one.

Sturdy External Hard Drive

A must for storing your data.
It is drop safe, features a fast USB 3.0 and has a total capacity of 2TB.

ND Filters

A must for ambitious Osmo-Owners.
If you don't know why and how to use NDs, feel free to watch my tutorial.

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