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DJI Home Lock Mode explained

Learn more about the DJI Home Lock Mode (HL-Mode) in this easy-to-follow explanation.

Learn how to activate and use the DJI Home Lock Mode effectively.

Home Lock Mode is installed to almost all DJI drones.

Almost everyone knows this problem: if you look at the monitor or your smartphone too long,

the drone is outside the range of vision.

 But how can you get it back safely?

Of course, you just have to push the Return-to-Home Button.

But then you lose control of your drone. If you use the Home Lock Mode, you stay in charge and

you can save both time and battery power.

If your drone is once outside the range of vision, you cannot use the stick to make it fly back, since you don´t know in which direction the drone is flying at the moment – so you could make it fly into the wrong direction.


The solution: activate the Home Lock Mode.

It does not matter into which direction the drone flies: if you use the stick to make it fly back,

it will come back to the home point, which usually is the position for taking off. 

However, you don´t have to wait until the drone comes back to you, as a rule it is sufficient to fly the drone again within the range of vision.

Simply deactivate the Home Lock Mode and enjoy flying. 

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DJI Home Lock Mode Setup
DJI Home Lock Mode Setup
DJI Home Lock Mode Setup
DJI Home Lock Mode Setup
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