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DJI Fixed Wing Mode explained

Learn more about the DJI Fixed Wing Mode in this easy-to-follow explanation.

Learn how to activate and use the DJI Fixed Wing Mode effectively.

Fixed Wing Mode is available with a few of the latest drones only.

If you want your drone to have the level of an aircraft, you have no option but the Fixed Wing Mode.

Once activated your DJI drone (e.g. Phantom or Mavic) will behave like a plane.

Combine this with the DJI Goggles and you´ll get fantastic results!

Flying forwards you have to speed up. Then the Fixed Wing Mode is activated and it is no longer possible to easily rotate to the right or to the left as you are used to.

Like a big plane with wings the drone yaws around the vertical axis and rolls around the long axis

in cases of rudder angle to the side. 

So the drone tilts and the gimbal tilts also to create a very realistic cockpit feeling.

Instead of losing height or climbing up in the moment of adjusting the altitude, the DJI drone

makes a descent or a climb. 

It looks as if the drone would fly like a plane with a pitching movement around the transverse axis. 

As I mentioned before, the Fixed Wing Mode is great when you also use the use the DJI Goggles,

which can be bought HERE.

The Fixed Wing Mode is not in the list of intelligent flying modes.

How to activate this mode on your DJI Mavic Pro:

Main Menu -> Remote Menu -> activate Set to Fixed-Wing Mode

Having done this, the drone does not automatically switch into the Fixed Wing Mode, there will then be two buttons, with which you can control the Fixed Wing Mode.

While flying, you can press the C1 Button on the bottom of the remote control to activate the mode,

press C2 to switch it off.

THIS DRONE is the safest on the market and almost avoids any collisions or crashes.

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