Must-Have Editing + Filmmaking Gear

Hand-selected filmmaking accessories and editing programs and gadgets.

Take a closer look at the accessories below and step up the ladder.

4K for Beginners

With the inbuilt zoom optic, you can film in super wide angle and super tele mode. Take a closer look at this affordable cam.

4K Filming at a higher level

My favourite camera for on the go filming in 4K. This camera has a super fast auto-focus and does the job for you.

Digital Film Camera 4K

Take a look at this beauty. I am using it myself (often when filming tutorials). It has too many pros for this short text.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

This software is basic, but does the job. Of course you can edit 4K videos and apply basic effects. For beginners only.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Must-have software for every professional or ambitious editor.

And it's easy to use as well. Mac + PC.

Adobe After Effects CC

The most powerful post-pro program in the world. Titles, effects, et cetera.
But it needs some practice. Mac + PC.

Editing at it's finest

This computer is a beast. It for sure handles your projects perfectly.

Click and check out it's specs.

Editing for under 1000$

This laptop is a base for editing drone footage. The specs are promising.
i7, 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 1TB HDD, 4GB.

Editing for under 500$

It's tough finding a good editing PC in this pricing segment.

Check this out: i5, 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM.

Audio Interface

Plug professional XLR Mics into your computer, power them with 48V and record via USB. For iMac, iPad and PC.

Professional XLR Studio Mic

The ultimate Mic. I am using it since years. It's quiet, has a brilliant and clear sound and is my number one choice.

USB Studio Mic

Plug this Mic into your computers USB port and start recording crystal clear audio. Affordable and easy to use.

Outdoor Audio Recorder

Record ambient sounds with ease and create better aerials. Next to the inbuilt Mic, you can attach XLR Mics.

Professional Headphones

These headphones produce brilliant-neutral-sounding audio and they are used by many professionals.

Lavalier Microphone

Record your audio on the go - using your smartphone. No further equipment (such as recorders) needed. Plug + rec.

Camera Slider

Create a film look and super smooth dolly movements using your ground cameras or Osmo with this great slider.

Rough Hard Drive

This hard drive is super fast due to USB 3.0, it has 2TB of storage and it is sturdy enough for an outdoor adventure.

Filmmaking Tripod

A good solution for beginners and advanced filmmakers. Sturdy, affordable, smooth. A great solution.

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