Download the best of the best tools and presets for your drone films.

But there is more: download free raw drone footage and take a closer look at the pictures and find the perfect drone for your needs.

Browse the archive and download raw and untouched original clips. Many drones and camera models are available. Take a closer look at the original footage before purchasing a new drone.

4K Film Grain for Drone Aerial Films Videos Clips

If you want to let your clip look like it was shot with a big 16mm or 35mm camera, you need to apply some film grain. Even the big productions do it. The ones available for
download are provided by Jason Bowdach (Cineticstudios).

Letterboxing Black Bars free Download 4K Full HD

Letterboxing gives almost every clip a cinematic look. You simply download the free package and choose the prefect aspect ratio for your clip. It's simple and can be done with every editor on the market.

LUTs for Drone Aerial Footage

LUTs are a great tool to colourize your footage fast and professionally (even though a real editor should know how to manually grade their footage). This tool costs about 20$, but it's really worth it.

DJI Drone Discounts

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Aerial Drone Horizon Off Checker Tool Download

An unlevelled horizon destroys the look of every drone film. Seriously. Even if the horizon is off a very little bit only, it will not look very professional anymore. The red horizon check line helps you correcting it in post.