DJI Course Lock Mode explained

Learn more about the DJI Course Lock Mode (CL-Mode) in this easy-to-follow explanation.

Learn how to activate and use the DJI Course Lock Mode effectively.

Course Lock Mode is installed to almost all DJI drones.

One of the oldest modes almost every DJI has is the so-called Course Lock Mode.

It is a must have for filmmakers, which offers flight safety and helps you to fly in difficult areas.

If a DJI drone in the Standard Mode turns right or left on its own axis, also the flying directions

change with the rotation. 

When you turn the drone 90° right and give a boost forwards, the drone won´t fly forwards but

to the right side – it will always fly in the direction the camera shows.

If you rotate again 90° right and give a boost forwards, the drone flies towards the pilot (180°).

But if you use the Course Lock Mode, you can determine the direction. 

You might, for example, set 0° in the Course Lock Mode and turn the drone 90° right on its own axis.

And then you give a boost forwards. 

Usually, the drone would fly to the right side – but this is not the case in the Course Lock Mode.

The drone has saved the directions – no matter how you turn it around: if you give a boost forwards,

it will fly in the direction of 0°, the same applies if you fly backwards, right or left.

The Course Lock Mode is very useful, if you have to fly precisely with your DJI drones through narrow areas. 

Moreover, the Course Lock Mode is ideal, if you want to fly in a straight line while focusing

on an object constantly. 

You simply have to determine the direction, activate the Course Lock Mode and then your drone

will fly forwards, if you give a boost forwards – and if you want to have exciting pictures, you can

also turn the drone on its own axis.

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How to activate and use the Course Lock Mode:


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