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DJI Cinematic Mode explained

Learn more about the DJI Cinematic Mode in this easy-to-follow explanation.

Learn how to activate and use the DJI Cinematic Mode effectively.

Cinematic Mode is available with most new DJI drones.

The Cinematic Mode was especially created for making movies.

Actually, there are no very intelligent functions – but you don´t need them to make beautiful pictures.

The Cinematic Mode is based on the P Mode, click here to find out more about it.

The first difference to normal flying is the braking behaviour of the drone.

If you don´t use the stick after a flight maneuvre, the drone will not immediately stop.

It will get slower and slower and stop then.

With this invention DJI wanted the drone to fly softly and without bucking.

Difference number two is the Yaw movement (the drone turns left or right around its own axis).

Many beginners often have problems with creating a soft camera panning.

In the Cinematic Mode the maximum rotation speed is automatically reduced, which offers softer pictures.

To conclude it can be said: in the Cinematic Mode of DJI the braking distance is longer an the

Yaw speed is reduced.

THIS DRONE is the safest on the market and almost avoids any collisions or crashes. 

DJI Beginner Mode Setup
DJI Beginner Mode Setup
DJI Beginner Mode Setup
DJI Beginner Mode Setup
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