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Drone Press Releases

Stay up-to-date with these neatly sorted news right from the manufacturers.
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DJI Mavic Introduction

September 27, 2016


DJI revolutionized personal flight by introducing Mavic Pro - a portable, powerful and easy-to-use... READ MORE

GoPro Hero 5 Series

October 2, 2016


GoPro's all-new Hero 5 line of cameras can auto-upload photos and videos to GoPro Plus, a cloud-based... READ MORE

DJI Osmo Mobile Introduction

September 1, 2016


DJI, Thursday launched the Osmo Mobile, an extension for smartphones that turns them into... READ MORE

Drone Blog Articles

Enjoy many independent drone and filmmaking related blog articles.


First 4K zoom drone camera

July 14, 2016


This is big news to all Inspire 1 pilots and true cinema lovers. DJI announced the first 4K zoom camera that... READ MORE

How to choose an editing PC

May 13, 2016


Today we want to clarify some basics, dispel the myth of the needed super-computer and get to know... READ MORE

Typhoon H vs. Phantom 4

May 1, 2016


Which is the better drone for my needs? What are the main differences? And which one is safer?... READ MORE