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DJI ActiveTrack Mode explained

Learn more about the DJI ActiveTrack Mode in this easy-to-follow explanation.

Learn how to activate and use the DJI ActiveTrack Mode effectively.

ActiveTrack Mode is the advanced tracking mode of most modern DJI drones.

ActiveTrack was a real success and is until today a really good reason for buying drones made by DJI

(THIS DRONE, for example, offers ActiveTrack and makes crystal clear pictures in 4K with up to 60fps).

Have you ever tried to film somebody (or yourself) while doing an activity?

It is really not easy to have the person or the object in the middle of the picture, especially if you

change the speed or the direction.

Many drones use a tracking via GPS (that is what also most DJI drones offer – click here to find out more about it), however this is often not precise and fast enough to make cineastic pictures, and if you use a GPS based tracking, you have to use a smartphone, a remote control or a bracelet.

ActiveTrack evaluates the pictures live and follows the objects or persons marked on the smartphone

or the screen on its own.

Activating it takes less than a second and the tracking is very precise.

Of course, you should not wear camouflage clothing, because the object being tracked should have

other colours than the background of the picture.

The flight altitude can be changed at any time (with a minimum of 5m above the Take-Off Position and a maximum of 500m, but consider that most objects are too small to be seen from a certain altitude).

In addition to that you can control the drone at any time via smartphone or remote control and you can

also pause or end the mission whenever you like.

If ActiveTrack does not work for your drone, you can also use the GPS based Follow Me Mode.

THIS DRONE made by DJI is not only a masterpiece when it comes to autonomous tracking, it also offers 360° anticollission sensors, which make it possible to film the tracked object not only from the back - you can also circle around or fly in front of it – without the danger of colliding with a tree or something like that. 

Find all details about this drone HERE.

DJI Beginner Mode Setup
DJI Beginner Mode Setup
DJI Beginner Mode Setup
DJI Beginner Mode Setup
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